Crane Movement Actuation

Crane Movement Actuation

RIMA has a long experience in the field of actuation of crane movements, besides the hydraulics dedicated specifically to container cranes described in details under “TLS-ANTISNAG” and ANTISWAY part of the site, RIMA realize  many other different actuations like for example the following:

  • Hydraulic jib luffing for jib cranes (level luffing cranes, stackers and reclaimers for bulk handling).
  • Complete actuation for continuous ship unloaders:
    (Boom luffing, tower slewing, foot chain tensioning)
  • Main and catenary trolley rope tensioning devices for container and grab ship unloaders.
  • Dock arms movements (long travel, boom rotation, boom luffing, cell tilting and rotation)
  • Step by step movements (realized with rail clamps and cylinders) for gypsum waste piling machines


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