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Cobra System

Cobra Idea

Cobra innovation is mainly the fact that the cover never gets loads from wheels of vehicles in transit. The Cobra cover, in fact, is positioned below the pavement level (part of our patent) and the peculiar functioning concept allows realising a so small width of cover that wheel loads deriving from transit, steering or braking cannot be transmitted to the cover belt. Thanks to this peculiarity Cobra guarantees long duration and trouble free operation with really competitive prices.

The system

The system consists into a cannel made by proper edge steel profiles suitable to accommodate the cover, connected to a U shaped plate to create the cable seat and facilitate embedding in the concrete (suitable anchoring plates are provided). At installation drain holes have to be made. The covering rubber belt is fixed at two ends of run way and lies down on profiles edges, protecting the cable seat. Cover belt is installed at a lever lower than pave one. A lifting system provides smooth belt lifting turning and cable recovering / depot. The new lifting trolley is provided with a counterweight system which recovers eventual variation of rubber length. Overtension detector can be provided. Besides a perfect cable protection, Cobra assures: High gantry speed and reliability, long and trouble free duration simple installation negligible wear Fast and cheap extension/ replacement.


Respect to other existing cable protection systems; Thanks to small dimension of channel and to low level of belt installation, cover belt is not affected by load on wheel of trucks and vehicles see scheme (Fig. A) even while crossing they should steer or brake. Thanks to peculiar belt fixing, installation is really fast and economical not requiring any troublesome fastening all along the runway. Same consideration is made with reference to extension and replacement cost. Thanks to smooth flexion (there are no section with drastic bending typical of the solutions with belt side-fixed) a long life of belt is guaranteed.