Bild: Hydraulic Rotary Actuator
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Hydraulic Rotary Actuator

The hydraulic rotary actuator is a device which transform hydraulic power (pressure and flow) in mechanical power: torque and angular speed. They are used for alternative movements with a limited rotation angle: max 260°. The simplicity of construction of our actuators allows to obtain very high mechanical efficiency value in comparison to the traditional “hydraulic cylinder-rack” system. The hydraulic rotary actuators Rima have the advantages of a small overall dimensions, a stability of the supplied torque during the run and also a cheap price. The absence of transmission devices between rotary actuator and utilizer and the mechanical efficiency allow moreover to obtain a very exact torque value. Our rotary actuators are the ideal choice for all the most advanced applications of automation where high reliability and quality of executions are needed. The rotary actuators can be positively applied instead of quick motors plus reducers; the elimination of an element (the reducer) cut down the costs, take off the maintenance of an element and usually allows to reduce dimensions.

Our Experience

There are many types of actuators: pneumatic, hydraulic, vane, piston and ground rack. RIMA is specialized in manufacturing hydraulic vane rotary actuators. Peculiarity of this kind of  actuator is high efficiency and minimum effect Slipstick. Our know-how makes our  actuator the best solution for applications in which high torque and defined angle are required.

RIMA actuators have a max. torque from 1.200Nm to 83.000 Nm, at 3.000 Psi (210 Bar) according to size.