Bild: Wheel Brake FR
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Wheel Brake FR

  • Wheel brake
  • Maximum axial movement of the wheel: ± 1,5 mm
  • Opening time: Upon client request (usually 2 – 4 s) (from the opening command to signal of brakes opened)
  • Closing time = adjustable from 1 s to 12 s (approx.)
  • Standard painting = 240 micron, RAL 5019
  • Limit switch that signals clamp open
  • Emergency Manual opening device
  • Hydraulic unit suitable to operate with more brakes


  • Hand Pump
  • Working temperature different from standard (-20° +40°)
  • Language of documentation different from standard
  • Certificates of materials (EN 10204-2.2, EN 10204-3.1 o EN 10204-3.2) for all main components



Design Braking Force

  • FR01 = 30 kN
  • FR11 = 60 kN
  • FR21 = 80 kN
  • FR41 = 120-150 kN


These brakes are devoted to parking utilization, securing the crane, in stowed condition, against the wind force, therefore, in their normal utilization they have to be closed when the crane is completely stopped. In emergency condition they can be operated also as dynamic brakes to stop the crane. The brake shoes, push on the two sides of a wheel, actuated by springs and released by hydraulic power.


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