Cable Protection


CoBRa® is a belt system for cable channel covering for rail mounted equipment with cable reel feeding. It’s made in two different version: with cover in rubber and in stainless steel.

It’s a patented system that fulfils all requirements of high performances of fast rail-mounted cranes allowing highest gantry speeds, as well as those relevant to high reliability and duration vital to this applications.

• High gantry speed
• High reliability
• Long and trouble free duration

CoBRa® Idea
CoBRa® innovation is that the cover never gets loads from wheels of vehicles in transit. The CoBRa® cover, in fact, is positioned below the pavement level and the peculiar functioning concept allows realising a so small width of cover that wheel loads deriving from transit, steering or braking cannot be transmitted to the cover itself. Thanks to this peculiarity CoBRa® guarantees long duration and trouble free operation with really competitive prices.

Care for cables
A further important goal of CoBRa® system is the long life of the electric cables, that, handled with maximum care by the RIMA guided trolley, lie down in the channels without any contact on the channel walls.


CoBRa® system with rubber belt cover is the cheapest way to put your quayside in safety, in case of veichles transit.

Rima guided trolley is designed to open the rubber belt with maximum care, and to leave the belt in “closed position” after crane transit. Since the rubber belt is positioned below the pavement level it never get loads from vehicles wheels. This allow to use a rubber that is very cheaper respect to the one used in other systems.

The best way to understand how a simple solution can be so smart? Watch our movie, that show an application of stainless steel cover CoBRa® version.


Watch the CoBRa presentation movie