Marine and off Shore Applications


Rima realized several projects in the field of Marine and Off Shore of which are listed here below a few examples:

  • Hydraulic movement of conveyor bridges for trans-shipment vessel-barges.
  • Sub-marine hydraulic levelling of templates for the drilling of bearing piles
    (To realize the platforms for the recovery of Costa Concordia Cruise Ship)
  • Skidding systems for the positioning of drilling system (derrick and upper structure) on off-shore vessel like Perro Negro, Bouri, Vega.
  • Skidding of complete jacks for boarding on barges. For above mentioned skidding, Rima realized dedicated grippers combined with pushing cylinder, working on suitable skidding ways.
  • For the temporary positioning of Jacks on their legs (to allow the concrete casting), Rima can provide dedicated Pile Grippers.
Leg leveling for Off Shore submarine template
Flare stack hydraulic lifting system
Skidding system for positioning of drilling system for Off Shore application
Skidding system for jacket barge boarding
Hydraulic system for floating ship unloader