Rotary Actuators

The hydraulic Rotary Actuator is a device which transform hydraulic power (pressure and flow) in rotational mechanical power (torque and speed).

It is used for alternative movements with a limited rotation angle (max 280°).The simplicity of construction allows to obtain very high mechanical efficiency values, close to 95%.

In comparison with the traditional “rod and crank” system, made with a hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic rotary actuator has the advantages of a lower overall dimension, a stability of the supplied torque during the run and also a cheaper price. The absence of transmission devices between rotary actuator and utilizer and the mechanical efficiency allow moreover to obtain a very exact torque value, setting easily in the control hydraulic unit.

Special execution are provided for:

• Actuators with radial and / or axial load
• Actuators with braking device at rotation
• Actuators with incorporated blocking device.
• Actuators with a rotation angle unlike standard
• Actuators with holes, shafts unlike standard

With more than 35 years of know how, we have supplied hydraulic rotary actuator for a vaste range of applications.
Our rotary actuators are used mainly as component for:

• Industrial materials handling & automation
• Injection molding machinery
• Crane Spreaders
• Marine
• Intermodal systems
• Bulk handling systems
• Loaders & escavators