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Wheel Brakes


These brakes are devoted to parking utilization, securing the crane, in stowed condition, against the wind force, therefore, in their normal utilization they have to be closed when the crane is completely stopped.

In emergency condition they can be operated also as dynamic brakes to stop the crane.

The braking shoes, pressing on the two sides of a wheel, are actuated by springs and released by hydraulic power.

Rima Wheel Brakes are conceived for heavy duty applications where a high number opening cycles per day is requested.


In the family of storm brakes the wheel brake the sole real dynamic brake since the braking shoes are acting on a machined surface not so subject to contamination, able therefore to guarantee a certain value of friction coefficient and braking force.

These brakes are recommended where a sudden emergency braking necessity could rise up during operation, due for example to a micro burst.

The limit of these brakes, is obviously the friction factor between wheels and rails; it is always necessary therefore to eventually integrate these systems with static storm brakes (i.e. self blocking rail clamps) to withstand very high wind speed storm out of operation.